In-Person, In-The-Gym, or In-Home Personal Training

“How much do you charge?”

If you’re on this page looking for my personal training pricing, you’re going to be disappointed.

Not revealing my pricing isn’t some ploy to deceive you.

Rather, it’s to help you.

I’m never going to be the “Cheapest Trainer in Town” and if you’re searching for “The Cheapest Trainer In Town” to help you regain health, lose weight, or get muscle you are going to get what you paid for.

Truthfully, if you’re looking for the “Cheapest Trainer in Town” go here and “google” your fitness goals.  It’s *FREE* and all it takes is your time.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more personal and in tune with your specific needs, you might consider me for these reasons:

1)      Adherence and Accountability.  Believe it or not, clients have admitted to me that they wouldn’t come to the gym if there wasn’t someone waiting for them. They hate the gym, they are clueless about weight training, and are perfectly happy spinning their wheels on the elliptical for 30 to 60 minutes at a time for minimal weight loss. But knowing that they have a structured routine, built in progression, and will see better results than going at it alone is enough to keep them coming back.

2)      Clear and Concise. There’s a ton of gimmicky, pseudoscience, “celebrity” trainer-driven programs out there. It sometimes feels like you need to be a rocket surgeon to get results. You don’t need a ton of supplements, fat burners, and vitamin infused waters to see progress.  But you do need a clear plan, based on your current stats and where you want to be. No, it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take *WORK*, but after the groundwork is laid, it will become easier and almost instinctual. And I can show you how.

3)      Results. At the end of the day you’re looking for RESULTS. Whether it’s a smaller number on the scale, bigger biceps, or more definition in your abs.  Having someone to put all the pieces together for you, saving you time and effort and coaching you to your goal is what will get you there faster.

I’ve been certified since 1996, first by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), then the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). I have been working full-time in the fitness industry as a manager of a corporate fitness center since 2000. I’m not some fly-by-night, part-time personal trainer who got their certification over the weekend and is now touted as a “Master Trainer” by a big-box gym. This is my passion, my life.

Because of my busy One-on-One In-Person training schedule, I have very few “Distance Coaching” positions available.

Distance Coaching packages vary in price in accordance to depth of assistance needed, knowledge of exercise movement, and nutritional guidance.

If you think you are committed enough and ready to change your life for the better, please apply for awesomeness here.

How to get the most out of Distance Coaching:

1. Stick to the routine through the entire duration, following the progression exactly as detailed at the beginning of each week.

2. Submit weekly workout logs, detailing amount of weight used for each set of each exercise, any personal bests, and any challenges you experienced.

3. Maintain suggested calorie level and PCF ratio as best you can.

4. Only weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day and under the same conditions.

5. Submit circumference measures and progress photos every 4 weeks noting any changes (Positive or Negative)