Client Name: Mike

Client Type: Distance Coaching

Goal: Get below 10% Body Fat

Background: Mike has always been athletic, playing hockey from the tender age of 11 through his college years. He earned his degree in Exercise Science from Youngstown State so he has more knowledge about keeping fit than most people. However, Mike was challenged with designing a progressive routine and nutrition plan that he could stick with to reach his goals.

Beginning Stats:                                       Rear_Double_Bicep_04182015Beginning Pics:


Start Date 4/18/2015
Weight 231
Body Fat % 13%
Fat Mass 32.29
Fat Free Mass 198.71

 Program: 4 Day Upper/Lower Split, Progressive Resistance, Three 4 week micro-cycles. Mike repeated the 12 week program twice.  For cardio Mike did 2 days of “Cardio Squats” which he learned from watching videos from Dr. Layne Norton. You can watch Dr. Layne Norton’s method here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t3bKMowJnM

Nutrition: Never one to count calories, but always mindful of getting protein in, Mike needed some help on determining his macros.  We used his starting measurements to calculate out his Protein, Carbs and Fat macros under the “Flexible Dieting” protocol, as well as cycled his carbs on weight training days.

  Cardio/No Training Days Weight Training Days


Total Calories 2,980 3,150
  Grams Calories Grams Calories
Protein 235 940 235 940
Carbs 330 1320 440 1760
Fat 80 720 50 450


Eating this way gave Mike a 1400 calorie deficit for the week, which allowed him to maintain his muscle mass, and lose fat while not starving or giving up his favorite foods.


Midpoint Stats:                                              Midpoint Pics:IMG_0066 IMG_7002

Midpoint Date 7/10/2015
Weight 226
Body Fat % 11%
Fat Mass 24.86
Fat Free Mass 201.14


 Final Stats:                                                      After Pics: IMG_1277IMG_1273


Finish Date 10/18/2015
Weight 220
Body Fat % 8.89%
Fat Mass 19.56
Fat Free Mass 200.44

 Comparison Pics:Side_Bicep_Comparison_10182015






Strength Gains

About a month after Mike started the program he had the ambitious goal of increasing his one rep max on his squat and bench.  On May 15 we tested his one rep max and set the weight progressions for the next few months.  Here are the results:

  1RM- 5/15/2015 8RM-




8RM- 7/10/2015 1RM – 10/9/2015 8RM-10/9/2015
Bench Press 260 210 275 225 290 235
Squat 340 270 355 285 405 305

If you have goals similar to Mike’s, that are bigger than just a lower number on the bathroom scale, and you have what it takes to follow a self-directed program contact me.

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