Train with me virtually through the internet.

Train with me virtually through the internet.

Training one on one with me at my gym or yours is expensive, and sometimes not convenient. I’ll admit it, because I manage a corporate fitness center full time during the week, the remaining hours I have for one-on-one training are few and far between.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t help you lose weight, gain muscle, and get on a solid fitness plan.  Enter “On-Line Personal Training” or “Distance Coaching” (The latest “buzz” word).

Simply put, “On-Line Personal Training” and “Distance Coaching” is you telling me what you want to accomplish with your body, any past physical injuries you’ve had, any physical limitations you have, what equipment you have to work with and your level of dedication toward reaching your goals and I put together a structured self-directed workout plan that will help you get to where you want to be.

The perfect distance coaching client:

  • knows how to squat, press, lunge and row
  • uses free weights
  • gets physical activity in 3 to 7 days a week
  • is comfortable with going to a gym to train
  • keeps good records of what weight they used and how many reps were performed each set
  • knows the difference between muscle soreness and physical pain caused by injury
  • fills out his training log
  • steps on the scale and measures his waist at belly button level once a week
  • checks in with the trainer once a week, e-mailing him copies of his training log, measurements, and any questions he may have about the routine. 

But nobody’s perfect. 

That’s why you are interested in Distance Coaching, so that I can help get you there.  Get you in to the habit of tracking your training, your weight, your measurements.  Teach you the difference of following a “Cookie Cutter” routine and one that is specific to YOUR GOALS and YOUR BODY.   Show you how to make it to the gym on your own and progress in your workout, never leaving the gym feeling like you didn’t improve.  Or just getting you to fit physical activity in at some point in your day every day, if you’re not a “gym person”.

Distance Coaching is *NOT* for you if:

  • ·         You don’t know how to squat, press, lunge or row
  • ·         You have pain in your knees, lower back, shoulders, or elbows when you do various movements
  • ·         You need someone to be waiting for you at the gym to keep you accountable
  • ·         You can’t figure out an exercise from pictures or on-line videos
  • ·         You need verbal cues to get the move “just right”
  • ·         You need someone to determine what weights you should be using each training session
  • ·         You are horrible at record keeping and just prefer to “Check” things off
  • ·         You are unable to count to 15

If one or more of those items listed above sounds like you, then you probably would be better off seeking out and investing in some one-on-one time with a personal trainer.

If you think you got what it takes to be a “Distance Coaching” client of mine, fill out the contact form here and apply for a *FREE* 30 minute phone consultation. 


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