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Dave Herber Certified Personal Trainer

Welcome to  I’m Dave Herber, an NSCA Certified personal trainer living in New Castle, PA.   I manage a corporate fitness center in Pittsburgh and personal train clients looking to lose weight, get muscular, and increase their strength at the Anytime Fitness in Neshannock or in the privacy of their own homes.

I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 1996 and a lifestyle and weight loss consultant since 2001.  Often the quest to “Lose Weight” ends up with just another failed fad diet. Most people don’t understand supportive nutrition so they succumb to the latest fad diet that is promoted by the media and Hollywood.

As your personal trainer, I will empower you to make more healthful eating decisions.  No fad diets here, just good common sense and guidance.  Let me educate you on how to properly speed up your metabolism and burn fat at a faster rate!

If you are struggling with a weight loss plateau, feel lost in the gym, or are bored and not seeing results with your latest workout, then fill out this contact form and lets talk about Personal Training.

If “in-person” training is not an option for you because you are outside of my service area, I have a few Distance Coaching spots available. Use the contact form above and mention “DISTANCE COACHING”.  In the meantime, enjoy my blog as I continue on my life’s journey to learn more about the ever evolving world of fitness, new methods to help you, and breakthroughs in nutrition.

Are you one of the millions of office workers who are now “telecommuting,” “Teleworking, ” or “Working From Home?”Although the shift from office work to working from home has kept us safe, there have been unintended consequences, namely weight gain. I’ve created a presentation on why this is happening and what you can do to reverse and prevent further increases on the scale. #COVID19 […]
Understanding your role as a gym-goer, during a pandemic, and how to keep gyms from shutting down.
Gym owners have had a rough year; forced shutdowns, increased cancellations, low attendance, and little financial help from the government.  Most gyms are small businesses, even the bigger chains (Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness) are franchises owned by individuals, not corporate conglomerates.  For the most part, gym owners have bent over backwards to abide by CDC guidelines, keep their gyms disinfected and clean, and protect their […]
Making Better Food Choices
The Second in the New Year’s Resolution “Lunch and Learn” series was on “Making Better Food Choices”. In this presentation we cover what is a “Smart’ food choice, Why we make poor food choices, When we make poor food choices, and what we can do about it. We also cover tips for navigating the aisles of a grocery store! You can download the slides HERE!  […]
Portion Control Presentation
As a kick off to the new year, I gave a presentation on “Portion Control” Me presenting to employees of the building I work in. to the employees that work in the building where my corporate fitness center is located. You can download the presentation here: PortionControl    […]
Client Results Report: Mike
 Client Name: Mike Client Type: Distance Coaching Goal: Get below 10% Body Fat Background: Mike has always been athletic, playing hockey from the tender age of 11 through his college years. He earned his degree in Exercise Science from Youngstown State so he has more knowledge about keeping fit than most people. However, Mike was challenged with designing a progressive routine and nutrition plan that he could stick […]