Obviously, as THE TRAINER, I am biased so I am tempted to say “As Often as POSSIBLE!” LOL 🙂  But for most, that is not affordable and/or realistic. If you are a client of mine or another very busy popular trainer, the number of available hours for us to train together are limited.

I’ve been told by most of my clients, time and time again: “If I don’t meet with you I won’t come to the gym”, “If I don’t meet with you, I won’t increase my weights or push myself”, “When I train with you, it’s easier to commandeer equipment.” And while most of those comments seem flattering, they are also frustrating. Even though most trainers would scold me for saying so, MY PRESENCE WITH YOU IN THE GYM IS *NOT* MAGIC. You are not getting results simply because I’m next to you counting reps. And if you think so, if you think you cannot handle working out with weights by yourself or getting to the gym on your own… then I have FAILED YOU!

You see, you hired me to do a lot of things, but mostly, you hired me to TEACH you. Each session with me should be a lesson. Why are you doing this movement? Are you doing this exercise correctly? Is there any pain associated with it beyond muscle soreness? Will this make me stronger, leaner, faster? If I don’t enlighten and teach you, if I don’t EMPOWER you to be strong and confident on your own in the gym, then again, I have FAILED.

Can you get results meeting with me once a week and only exercising that one time?That depends. If your goal is “Weight Loss” or “A smaller number on the scale” then the answer is “YES” but you have better had done the following:

1) Determined your daily caloric needs for your sex, age, and activity level.
2) Calculated the amount of calories you need to promote weight loss through a calorie deficit for your specific body.
3) Created and planned out your daily meals for the week, calorie contenting each meal, knowing how many calories you consumed and if you remained in a calorie deficit.
4) Track your calorie consumption via a food log , on-line or smart phone app.
5) Maintain the calorie deficit, adjusting it for every 5lbs of weight lost. (A lighter body needs less calories).

If you’re a client of mine, you’ve received from me a nutritional plan that included not only your daily calorie requirements specific to you, but also your target calorie level which would create the proper deficit to spark weight loss. You also have received a macronutrient breakdown or PCF Ratio of what percentage of your calories should come from Protein, Fat and Carbs. If you are following the nutritional guidelines I’ve provided for you, then meeting and exercising with me once a week should be enough to make the number on the scale smaller. But most people, clients of mine or not, don’t put forth that much effort. They simply think “Oh I’ll just do XX Minutes on the elliptical or treadmill at a steady state pace and the weight will just fall off.” Well I think we all know, if it were that easy, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic in the USA.

So I can’t just meet with you once a week?
Now, I didn’t say that. Of course you can just meet with me once a week or maybe once every other week. Heck some of my “On-Line” and “Distance Coaching” clients never see me in person! But, you will have to make it to the gym or get some sort of other physical activity in every day without meeting with me. My most successful clients aren’t the ones that meet with me 2 or 3 times a week. They are the ones that do the hard work: make it to the gym on their own or get some sort of physical activity in each day, invest time in pre-planning and preparing their meals for the week, track their calorie consumption either with a pen and paper food log or an on-line/smartphone app and maintain their calorie deficit. They do more than just hop on a treadmill, hold on to the side rails, and walk at 3.0-4.0 mph. They do interval training, alternating between a high intensity sprint and a low intensity recovery period. They go to Zumba, or yoga, or Bootcamp or Spin class or walk around the block when they aren’t meeting with me. They become and remain active.
So the bottom line is, if you’re my client and you’re meeting with me once a week for a great workout session, you should be educated, enlightened, and empowered enough to make it to the gym or get a different form of challenging physical activity in each day to see the best results!

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