“Dave and I have been working together since Labor Day 2006.

When he looked at my routine at that time, it was evident that I was indeed working hard, but not working “smart” in order to achieve my fitness goals.

Like any typical out-of-shape man, my goals were to lose the belly fat, lose the manboobs (moobs!), and add lean muscle mass to my upper body. In a little over 2 years, Dave’s routines and diet advice have far exceeded my expectations! I have lost 42 lbs of bodyfat, probably more since I have also added alot of lean muscle mass. It’s an amazing feeling to go from a 38 waist down to a 33 and to see my shirts starting to fit me in a flattering way.

Now, I’m able to buy styles, brands, and colors of clothing that had previously been absolutely forbidden to me due to my body type. My desire for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss require two completely different styles of exercise, yet Dave writes routines that allow me to have my cake and eat it too ……… figuratively speaking of course! 🙂 He has shown a great deal of flexibility in writing my routines as my fitness goals continue to evolve.

And while I’m NO angel when it comes to eating, Dave’s diet plans are easy to follow and allow for a few of my old favorite foods to make an occasional appearance in my life.”

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