Several years ago, a bone scan revealed results in the osteopenic range – one stage before osteoporosis. In addition to medication, my doctor recommended that I start resistance training. The gym I belonged to was offering a free half hour session with a trainer, so I signed up as I needed help in developing a program. When I met Dave, I explained my condition. He listened, then asked questions about my short and long term goals, evaluated my current physical condition and indicated that he thought he could help me. When we met again, he not only had developed a little routine to get me started, but had read a book on osteoporosis so he could better understand the condition and recommended treatments, including exercise.

Dave was a great coach, always supportive, yet not afraid to push me a little harder. He developed new routines every 6 – 8 weeks, making the sessions more productive and more fun. In a matter of months, my doctor was blown away from the results. The results of my next bone scan showed improvement and the x-rays from my mammogram also revealed great chest muscles – as noted by the nurse taking the x-rays- a real boost for me.

Without Dave, I would have lost interest in exercising or worse performed the same exercises at the same weight. With Dave’s guidance, we expanded the routines and increased the weights – firming up my entire body. Dave also helped me with diet suggestions and encouraged me to expand my education on health and nutrition, often sharing articles with me. While my bones were the primary reason for exercising, I soon realized what the exercising was doing for my body in total. And as I started looking better – in and out of clothes, I also felt better. When my family and friends hinted that I looked younger, firmer, and healthier in years, I knew all my hard work was paying off.

The good news is that with Dave, I never felt like it was hard work, but just a good workout. Dave was always reliable, enthusiastic, and well-prepared for our sessions. He is also very funny and a joy to talk with between sets.

I continued to train with Dave for more than three years and until he moved out of town and yet have found a trainer I enjoy working with as much as Dave.

Dave is knowledgeable, encouraging, and hospitable – a great trainer – who by the way, practices what he preaches. Workouts are definitely geared to personal goals – challenging, diverse, and FUN!

I would recommend Dave to anyone who wants to feel better overall by being strong, flexible, and healthy.

Kathryn Murphy
Budget Director, Library of Congress
Age – a young 54

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