I started working with Dave in August of 2011 because I was getting married in October of that year and wanted to lose weight and look good for one of the biggest days of my life.

When I started working with Dave I had not been actively exercising nor had I  done any form of training since my sports days in high school. Therefore, I was nervous, out of shape, and did not know what to expect from myself and my endurance.

Dave was super knowledgeable, very motivating and worked wonders on my problem areas! Since training with Dave, I have had more energy throughout my days, more confidence in my appearance, and feel great about my health. Without Dave, I would not be where I am physically and that is why I continue to train with him even after I reached my goal on my wedding day. His workouts never leave me bored, always push my limits beyond what I think I am capable of, and leave me feeling great when I walk out of the gym door!

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